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Movies My Friends Have Never Seen

The podcast where my friends watch classic movies for the first time. Hosted by Nick Nadel. Logo by Tim Finn. 

Aug 6, 2020

This week we're praying to Crom and seeing our enemies driven before us with Andy Webb returning to the podcast to talk about watching Conan the Barbarian for the first time. 

Join us as we discuss the enduring legacy of Conan the Barbarian, the movie's deep bench of supporting players, the eclectic filmography of John Milius, the ups-and-downs of fantasy filmmaking, potential Arnold Schwarzenegger reboots and much more. 

Follow Andy on Twitter and listen to him talking about watching Scanners for the first time

Watch the Conan deleted scene featuring the demise of King Osric. And here's Arnold speaking German in Escape Plan

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